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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Today’s most affordable and easily accessible mortgage to homeowners which is popular because of its constant interest rate over the entire loan term. It doesn’t have complex conditions for borrowers as its name shows that during the whole duration its interest rate does not change and it is normal for 30 years. It shows that borrowers don’t have any tension regarding the rise in mortgage rates. It is usually referred to as a ‘vanilla wafer’ mortgage loan. Country to country the interest rates are compounded differently.

Types of Fixed Rate Mortgage

  • 10 Years
  • 15 Years
  • 20 Years
  • 25 Years
  • 30 Years
  • 40 Years
  • Fixed-rate Options

Surprise Free

Fixed rate mortgages are not allied with mortgage index or margins because of their nature. The mortgagee knows the entire situation and he is never attacked without prior warnings. It is also easily understandable, unlike other mortgages where interest rates fluctuate.

Slightest Complexity

Everyone can easily understand its terms and conditions for making payments, it doesn’t include any complexity to understand the agreement. The simplest mortgage is fixed rate mortgage even a layman can understand its terms and conditions.

Set It And Forget It Loan Program

Basically, fixed-rate mortgages are termed asset the conditions at the time of agreement and forget due to no variations in the terms and conditions in future, simply the loan is taken for a long-term period and monthly installments are made with the constant amount the whole time of the loan. i.e if the homeowner pays the first installment of $1000 his last installment will also be for amount $1000.


Fixed Mortgages With Interest Only Options

In various fixed-rate mortgages, there is a comfort of interest-only periods, homeowners are allowed to pay interest only mortgage payments during the earlier five to ten years of loan life. However, the mortgage is considered ‘fixed’ yet because the rate is not changed. It is simply recalculating and reflecting the remaining duration balance.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Enjoyments

  • Fixed rate mortgages are convenient to homeowners for many reasons, actually, payments will never be changed in this mortgage.
  • Whenever interest rates are changed as compared to adjustable rate mortgages the fixed rate mortgages will enjoy comfort because their payments will remain same in every situation.
  • No worry about the market trends whether the market rates are rising or declining which may affect the interest rate.
  • People who want to stay forever in the home they simply choose the fixed rate mortgages.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Drawbacks

  • Due to higher interest rates, many people can’t access the fixed rate mortgages.
  • In the times of low-interest rates the fixed rate mortgages have to pay the interest which is actually written at the time of the agreement, they can’t enjoy discounts while adjustable rate mortgages enjoy it.
  • If the duration of a fixed-rate mortgage is less than it will include low-interest rate in its installment but 30 years mortgage is commonly used in which higher interest rates are charged.






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